Brian is a husky dog created and belongs to BluePupBuddy.

Bio: Brian is a male husky pup with dark gray fur on his body and the back of his head, with white fur under his body. Brian also has green eyes.

History: Brian lives in the hometown that Snowflake is from. He likes his owners, but sometimes enjoys getting attention when it's necessary.

Personality: Brian is a calm, serious, but kind pup. His seriousness can sometimes get the best of him, so he can sometimes be a bit too uptight. He enjoys making friends, and playing around, but isn't childish.

Likes: His owners, siblings, making new friends, playing, going on adventures,

Dislikes: Getting caught being a bad pup, pups who are too childish- although his brothers Ned is okay, monsters, annoying or mean pups

Family History: Snowflake's brother, and has three siblings including Snowflake. The names of his parents are unknown.

Stories Brain is Featured in:

Snowflake's Home (Currently).