Chapter 1: A New Friend

*This is a Clifford the Big Red Dog Fanon wiki story by BluePupBuddy. I only own the ideas for the story and the OC character Ghost. Also, Clifford in my stories will be the size of a medium dog (a bit bigger than the character Mac, but he isn't a Big Red Dog either). Clifford the Big Red Dog, and all characters, places and info. belong to Scholastic Books, PBS Kids, and Norman Birdwell. Clifford the Big Red Dog All Rights Reserved.*

It was a nice day on Birdwell Island, and Clifford and his buddies T-bone, Cleo, and Mac were playing together. They were passing a ball to each other and talking.

"I can't wait for our new dog friend to get here!" Cleo said with excitement.

"Yeah, I wonder when he'll come?" T-bone added.

"I don't know. But I heard he was going to live in that old apartment above the laundromat," Mac replied.

"You mean the apartment that's said to be haunted?" Cleo asked curiously.

"H-H-Haunted?!" T-bone said nervously before catching the ball.

"Wait a minute, haunted? You mean haunted by a ghost?! Nobody told me that apartment above the laundromat was said to be haunted!" Clifford said before catching the ball.

"Well of course it's haunted Clifford. Haven't you ever heard the story about The Ghost of the Laundromat?" Mac responded casually. Clifford gasped.

"I don't think he's heard the story Mac," Cleo replied.

"Well I have, and it was scary!" T-bone said nervously.

"You should hear the story, Clifford. It's an old Birdwell Island ghost story. It's a classic. It's just as spooky as The Ghost Dog of Birdwell Island!" Cleo responded.