Chapter 1: Movie Night

*I only own the ideas for the story and the OC character Ghost. Clifford the Big Red Dog characters, places, ect. belongs to PBS Kids, and Scholastic Books. Clifford the Big Red Dog All Rights Reserved.*

Summary: Ghost, Clifford and his buddies are in the house watching a ghost movie. It's scary and Mac and T-bone say they are scared. Soon after the movie, they go to bed; Ghost, Mac and T-bone downstairs, Cleo upstairs, and Clifford outside in his dog house. Then later on, the wind blows in through an open window, and blows a bed sheet off of the couch, and onto Ghost while he is sleeping. Ghost wakes up and yells causing Mac and T-bone to wake up and get scared because Ghost now looks and sounds like a ghost. They get scared and run around while the ghost chases them. Cleo wakes up and hears them, and goes downstairs to help. Clifford meanwhile is still asleep in his pup house. After some spooky moments, Ghost reveals it's him under the sheet, and Clifford wakes up and helps make sure there are no ghosts. He then hears a sound and thinks it's a ghost, but it's just a bird. The dogs then close the windows and put the sheets into the closet. However, one of the sheets is hanging down from the shelf and drops on Clifford, covering him when the door closes.