*Marky is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC character that was won and owned by BluePupBuddy*

Bio: Marky is a male, chocolate brown lab. He has green eyes, his whole body is brown, and his tail is all black.

History: Marky comes from a town away from Adventure Bay. He got to Adventure Bay by traveling on a boat, when there was a storm out at sea.

Personality: Marky is a friendly, fun loving, pup. He likes the beach, but the ocean makes him nervous. He likes to hang out with the pups and make new friends.

Likes: Making new friends, hanging out with the pups, staying up at night, hugs, parachutes,

Dislikes: The ocean, storms, monsters and ghosts, when his fur is untidy, waking up early,

Family: Cousin of Brontey.