Ned is an OC character that is created and belongs to BluePupBuddy

Bio: Ned is a male, husky pup that has gray and light gray fur on the back of his head, ears, back fur and the back of his tail. The under parts of his body are white. Ned also has blue eyes.

History: Ned got adopted by a nice family back in Snowflake's hometown. He enjoys his owners and making new friends.

Personality: Ned is a kind, polite, playful, silly and childish pup. He likes to play and be silly, but can also let his childish ways get the best of him. However, Ned knows when to be serious at times.

Likes: His owners, siblings, making new friends, being silly, stuffed animals, playing under bed sheets and blankets for fun, hugs.

Dislikes: Thunderstorms, lightening, the dark, monsters, ghosts, getting stuck under bed sheets and blankets and not being able to see or get out, not being taken seriously.

Family History: One of Snowflake's brothers, and has three siblings, including Snowflake. The name of Ned's parents are unknown.

Ned's Siblings:




Stories Ned is Featured in:

Snowflake's Home (Currently).