Chapter 14: Snowflake Saves the Day

As the pups thought about how to get Alex out of the snow however, Chase got an idea.

"I've got it! Ruff! Ruff! Net!" Chase said as his net got released from his pup pack. Chase's net quickly spread out and formed a web of thread on the snow close to Alex. Alex grabbed the net and pulled himself up with the net. Soon, Alex was climbing the net. After about a minute or two of climbing Chase's net, Alex was safe.

"Thank you for saving me PAW Patrol!" Alex said as he petted the pups.

"You're welcome Alex," Marshall replied. After Alex thanked the pups, the group then went back to Ryder and Jake.

"Alex! Thank goodness you're okay!" Jake said as he gave Alex a handshake.

"I'm sorry Jake. I tried to catch up with you, but I got lost by accident. I also got my feet stuck in the snow. That's why I didn't come back," Alex explained.

"That's okay Alex. Thank you PAW Patrol!" Jake said as he turned his attention to Ryder and the pups.

"You're welcome, Jake. Whenever you need us, just yelp for help!" Ryder replied.

"Actually Ryder, Snowflake is the real hero. If it wasn't for her tracking and observing skills, we never would have found Alex!" Chase said.

"Yeah. Snowflake was the one who found Alex. She deserves most of the credit," Marshall added. Snowflake blushed at Marshall and Chase's kind words.

"Thank you Chase. Thank you Marshall," Snowflake replied.

"You're welcome Snowflake," the two pups responded.

Suddenly, Ryder got an idea.

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