Chapter 15: Snowflake's Home

Once Ryder and the pups got Jake and Alex back to Jake's Mountain, Ryder and the PAW Patrol went back to The Lookout. After they were inside The Lookout, Ryder called the pups for a meeting.

"Pups, I have an announcement to make. After today's rescue, I found Snowflake a home!" Ryder announced.

"Really? Where Ryder?" Marshall asked curiously.

"Snowflake's new home is here! She's the newest member of the PAW Patrol! Snowflake is going to be our Tracking Pup!" Ryder answered as all of the pups cheered happily.

"Thank you Ryder!" Snowflake replied before going up to Ryder and licking his face. Ryder smiled and put Snowflake down. After Snowflake said the PAW Patrol pledge, Ryder gave her a new ice blue collar with an ice blue tag on it, with binoculars on the tag. Ryder also gave Snowflake an ice blue helmet too. After that, Ryder told Snowflake to go slide down the slide for a surprise. Snowflake obeyed, and once she got to the bottom, she was sitting in an ice blue and white van.

"Ryder, is this van for me?" Snowflake asked with excitement.

"Yes, Snowflake. This is your new Tracking vehicle. Welcome aboard!" Ryder explained. Snowflake jumped out of her vehicle and went up to Ryder.

"Thank you so much, Ryder!" Snowflake said happily.

"You're welcome, Snowflake. What a bunch of good pups!" Ryder replied as the pups all howled and cheered with joy. Now, Snowflake had a new home.

The End