Chapter 2: A Pup in the Van

Meanwhile, far away in another town near Adventure Bay, Mr. Porter was loading boxes of food to take to the Winter Festival. As he was doing this, he didn't notice the pup that was watching him from behind a snow covered bush.

Behind the bush was a husky pup. She had ice blue eyes, a mix of light gray and medium gray colored fur, no collar, and only her underbelly, paws, muzzle, the tip of her tail, and the inside of her ears were snow white. The pup's name was Snowflake. She was in town because she wanted to see all of the beautiful stuff that people were putting out for Christmas. Of course, being alone, Snowflake really didn't have any family. She had siblings when she had been a very little puppy, but all of her siblings were with their own owners. The only human that Snowflake had ever known was a man who had adopted her after she and her brother were the only pups remaining for sale.

Sadly, the man had grown old, and moved somewhere close to his family to get help with his health. From that moment on, Snowflake had been on her own, and was now considered a neighborhood dog. Snowflake no longer had a home, but she was known and appreciated by others. If only she could give back something to show how much she appreciated everyone's act of kindness to her.

Snowflake sadly also didn't have many dog friends. She would sometimes play with the kids who lived in the neighborhood, but it just wasn't the same. As Snowflake watched Mr. Porter, she saw that he was getting some pup food too. This got Snowflake excited, because she had not eaten pup food in a long time.

Looking around to make sure that nobody was looking, Snowflake sneaked into Mr. Porter's van, hid behind some boxes, and waited. It wasn't long before the van moved, and Mr. Porter was heading towards Adventure Bay. Snowflake had no idea where she was being taken to.

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