Chapter 9: Marshall's Teddy Bear

Back at The Lookout, Marshall told Ryder that he had checked his fire truck, City Hall, and had asked people if they had seen his teddy bear, but nobody had seen it. It was then that Ryder, Chase, Zuma, Rocky, Skye and Rubble helped Marshall find his teddy bear. However, no matter how hard they looked, they couldn't find it. Now, Marshall was lying inside The Lookout with Ryder and the other pups, crying his heart out.

"I'm s-s-so sorry Ryder! I let you down!" Marshall said as he cried.

"Marshall, I know it's your responsibility to look after your teddy bear, but these things happen. Sometimes stuff like this happens and it's nobody's fault," Ryder replied as he petted Marshall's back gently. Marshall continued crying.

"Marshall, if you want, I have a teddy bear in my recycling rig. You can have it," Rocky suggested. However, this only caused Marshall to cry even more. Rocky then felt guilty about what he had said.

"Thank you for the offer, Rocky. But I don't think that will work," Marshall replied as he kept crying.

"Besides, the teddy bear I lost was special. I've had that teddy bear for as long as I can remember. I might have even had it before I joined the PAW Patrol. I can't remember. It was a long time ago," Marshall explained. Everyone but Marshall gasped. Now they understood why Marshall was so upset.

"Oh, Marshall..." Skye said, feeling sorry for her friend.

"Marshall, we're so sorry," Chase replied, feeling speechless.

"Dude, that's so sad," Zuma added, sadly.

"Thank you. But it doesn't matter now. I had my teddy bear and now he is gone!" Marshall replied before bursting into tears again. Everyone gave Marshall a group hug and didn't say anything.

'Poor Marshall,' Ryder thought, feeling sorry for his Dalmatian buddy.

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