Chapter 3: Hiding and Looking

As Rocky was counting with his eyes closed, the other pups started looking for places to hide. Rubble hid under a bean bag, Skye hid on the metal pole, Zuma hid under a table, Chase hid in the coat closet, Valerie hid in the first aid room, and Marshall hid under a white bed sheet that was next to the pup's bean bag beds. After Rocky was done counting, he started to search for his friends.

"Ready or not, here I come!" Rocky called out. Rocky walked and began looking around. Suddenly, he a pup hanging onto the metal pole.

"I found you Skye!" Rocky said before Skye slid own to him. Once she was on the ground, Rocky tickled her.

"Rocky? What are you- HEHEHEHEHE- OH! OH NO!- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! R-Rocky! S-S-S-Stop! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Skye cried out as she got tickled by her friend. Rocky stopped as he was told, smiled and then started looking for the next pup. It wasn't long before he found Zuma under the table.

"Oh, Zuuuuumaaaaa!" Rocky sang as he advanced towards the chocolate colored lab. Zuma's eyes widened.

"Oh no," Zuma said as he crawled out from under the table and tried to get away. It didn't work. Rocky jumped on top of Zuma and started tickling his back paws.

"Ah! Okay Wocky! You found- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! O-Okay Wocky! You got me dude! You can stop- AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Zuma said while laughing. Rocky stopped tickling the water-loving lab and smiled.

"Okay Zuma," Rocky replied kindly.

"Now, where did everybody else go?" Rocky said to himself, searching The Lookout for his next 'tickle buddy'.

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