Chapter 5: The Ghost and the Bean Bag

"Valerie, are you okay?" Rocky asked, nervous about his friend's injury. There was no response.

"Valerie probably wants some alone time to take care of her cuts," Rocky muttered to himself before he continued playing the game. What he DIDN'T know was that Valerie was actually bleeding inside the medic room from all of her cuts, and because she was loosing blood, had fainted.

Rocky then saw the pups bean bags, and a silloette of a pup under a sheet that was next to the bean bags. Rocky smiled and walked over to the bed sheet covered pup.

"Hmmmmm. I wonder who could be under the sheet? Claw away! Ruff! Ruff!" Rocky said as his metallic claw went back into his pup pack. Rocky then slowly lifted one of the ends of the sheet, and carefully crawled under it. Then, he saw who had been hiding under the sheet: Marshall.

"I got you, Marshall!" Rocky exclaimed as he jumped on top of the Dalmatian pup, and started to tickle him. However, since both Marshall and Rocky were under the bed sheet, all Chase, Skye, and Zuma could see was a bunch of crazy movements under the sheet as the eco-friendly pup tickled the Dalmatian pup.

"AHHHHH! Okay Rocky! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Y-You got me buddy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! R-Rocky! Please stop! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Marshall cried out while Rocky tickled him under the sheet.

"Okay," Rocky replied as he stopped tickling Marshall, but was still under the bed sheet with Marshall. Once Rocky got off of Marshall, both pups sat up and smiled.