Chapter 4: A New Friend

"Okay Balto, hold on! We'll get you untangled," Chase replied as he tried to get the parachute's strings untangled from Balto's paws and legs. The other pups rushed over to help out Balto too, except for Rubble and Marshall, who were still hiding from the 'monster'.

"Thank you for helping me out everyone. I'm glad that I'm not stuck in that parachute or strings anymore," Balto said.

"You're welcome Balto," Chase replied back.

"So what are you doing here in Adventure Bay, Balto?" Skye asked curiously.

"I wanted to see Adventure Bay, so I jumped into Duke's plane. I got out, but then I got tangled up in the strings, and when I landed, I got stuck under the parachute. That's how I got here," Balto explained.

"Okay," Skye replied back with a smile. Then, Rubble and Marshall poked their heads out of The Lookout.