Chapter 6: Marshall's Bully

After everyone went to Katie's place and got dried off, they decided to talk about what had just happened.

"I can't believe Shawn did all of those mean things to us! I thought we could trust him!" Ryder exclaimed as he dried himself off.

"That's Shawn for you; he pretends to be nice, and act like your 'best buddy', but all he wants is be mean to you!" Marshall replied.

"Well, you know what they say; you can't judge a book by it's cover. Or in this case, you can't judge a pup by their looks," Chase commented. Everyone agreed.

"Why would Shawn do this to us?! We just met him, and we haven't done anything wrong to him!" Skye cried out as her eyes began to water. It wasn't long before she started crying.

"Skye, it's okay. Don't worry, it's okay," Snowflake said as the husky pup hugged Skye.

"I feel so betrayed!" Skye said as she continued to cry.

"We all feel betrayed, Skye. We didn't expect Shawn to do what he did," Ryder responded. Ryder then turned to Marshall and Snowflake.

"Marshall and Snowflake, I'm so sorry for not believing you," Ryder apologized.

"We forgive you, Ryder. Besides, we aren't surprised that Shawn did those mean things to us," Marshall replied.

"What do you mean, Marshall?" Ryder asked.

"When Snowflake and I were at Pup Training Camp as puppies, Shawn was always bullying us. However, most of the bullying was towards me," Marshall told everyone. Everyone in the room gasped except for Marshall and Snowflake.

"Shawn bullied you two? Why didn't he stop? Why didn't he get sent away?" Chase asked.

"He never got into trouble and got a serious consequence because he always was acting innocent and doing exactly what he did today," Marshall answered. It was then that Marshall started to whine.

"Shawn is the reason why I'm so clumsy, and why I have a fear of flying, and/or heights. Camp was okay as long as Snowflake and my camping mate Rocks were with me. Other than that, it was a nightmare for me. He's bullied me and done worse," Marshall explained. Marshall started crying, and Snowflake went over to comfort him. She then looked at the other pups and Ryder.

"Shawn may have bullied Marshall the most, but Rocks and I also got our fair share of Shawn's bullying. That's why we were so untrusting of Shawn when we saw him again," Snowflake added. Everyone in the room was speechless.

"Snowflake, Marshall. ... I'm so sorry," Ryder replied before he went to go hug the two pups. The other pups and Katie joined in the hug too.

"Thank you everyone. I just hope things get better," Marshall said, feeling a little better.

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