Chapter 7: Confronting Shawn

After everyone was all dried off, they all headed back to The Lookout. Now all of the pups were sitting around as Ryder was thinking.

"Wyder, what are we going to do about Shawn?" Zuma asked, feeling concerned.

"I don't know, Zuma. If Shawn decides to spy on us, or follow us, we can't get rid of him. Besides, now that he's seen Marshall and Snowflake, it will be even harder for them to stay away. All we can do is try to keep our distance from him. If he talks or comes near any of you, just ignore him," Ryder answered back. Ryder then turned to Marshall.

"Marshall, since Shawn is mostly bullying you, I want you to stay away as much as you can. But, before we do that, I want both you and Snowflake to try talking to Shawn on your own. Maybe he's listen," Ryder instructed.

"I doubt it, Ryder. Shawn never listened to me back at camp when I stood up for myself. But, I'll give it a try," Marshall replied.

"Okay Marshall. But please be careful when you talk with him," Ryder responded. Marshall nodded his head. Later on that day, Marshall went to the park on his own. Sure enough, Shawn was there.

"Greetings Marshall, you here by yourself, or are any of your other pup friends coming?" Shawn asked.

"I'm here on my own. Anyways, that's not why I'm here. Shawn, you shouldn't have sprayed the PAW Patrol and me with my fire hose. You need to apologize!" Marshall replied.

"Really? Why do I need to do that? I'm not a member of the PAW Patrol, and until I get taken away or arrested or something, I can do whatever I want!" Shawn responded.

"Just because you can do bad stuff, doesn't mean you should do it!" Marshall retorted.

"True. However, I still choose to do it!" Shawn replied with a smirk.

"Shawn, I still remember all the things you did to me at Pup Training Camp. I suggest you stop the bad decisions and think before you act! If you don't stop, you WILL get into trouble!" Marshall told Shawn. Shawn smirked again.

"Are you sure? Causing mischief is so much fun. Besides, I just sprayed the whole PAW Patrol with water yesterday. What makes you believe it won't happen again?" Shawn asked.

"Believe me, Shawn. If you cause any more trouble, the PAW Patrol will make sure you won't be a nuisance anymore! Again, I'm suggesting that you stop making bad decisions. Goodbye," Marshall responded, before running off.

"Oh don't worry, Marshall. I'll think before I act," Shawn said to himself, as he smiled.

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