Chapter 2: Is Marshall a Ghost?

The next day, everything was normal. Zuma was trying to help Rocky with his fear of water, Skye, Marshall and Snowflake were playing tag, and Chase and Rubble were just hanging out. Ryder then walked out of The Lookout and over to Chase and Rubble.

"Hi Rubble and Chase. What's up?" Ryder asked.

"Nothing much, Ryder sir!" Chase replied back. Chase and Rubble then played with a ball for a while as Ryder left and went to do some work on his ATV. Soon, Zuma, Rocky, Skye and Snowflake came into The Lookout.

"Hi Chase and Rubble!" Zuma said before getting Rocky a towel.

"Hi pups. Where's Marshall?" Chase asked.

"He's helping Ryder with his ATV. It needs to get washed," Snowflake answered.