Pups and the Canine Collar

Chapter 1: The First Collar

*I only own the ideas for the story, as well as my OC characters Snowflake, Shawn, Patrol characters, places, etc belong to Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, and SpinMasters. PAW Patrol All Rights Reserved.*

It was a nice day in Adventure Bay as Ryder and the pups played in the backyard. Suddenly, Ryder got a call on his Pup Pad. It was from Mr. Porter. Ryder answered the call.

"Hello. Ryder here," Ryder said politely.

"Hi Ryder. Adventure Bay got some new exhibits at our museum. I was wondering if you and the pups wanted to take a look around the museum?" Mr. Porter explained.

"Sure. We'll be right there!" Ryder replied before ending the call.

"Pups, Adventure Bay has a museum! Mr. Porter called asking if we wanted to check it out," Ryder told them.

"Cool!" the pups replied.

"Wait, what's a museum?" Rubble asked.

"It's a place where you can look at cool, old items from the past! I had one in my old hometown," Snowflake explained calmly.

"Well then, let's go!" Ryder said before they all ran up to The Lookout, got in their vehicles, and drove off to the museum. Once they arrived, they were greeted by Mr. Porter.

"Hi Ryder. Welcome to the Adventure Bay Museum!" Mr. Porter said kindly.

"Thank you Mr. Porter. May the pups and I have a look around?" Ryder asked.

"Of course. Just please be careful," Mr. Porter told them.

"We'll be careful Mr. Porter," Ryder replied back with a smile. Ryder and the pups then entered the museum.