Chapter 3: No Electricity

With the lights now totally out, the pups all decided to get their flashlights and turn them on. With light now shining from the pup's flashlights, the PAW Patrol quickly realized that they were without electricity. Chase then went over to The Lookout doors and tried to open them. Nothing happened.

"Uh-oh," Chase said, causing the other pups to get concerned.

"Chase? What's wrong?!" Snowflake asked nervously. Chase sighed and turned to look at the other pups.

"Ah, bad news pups. No electricity means The Lookout doors won't open. In other words... We're locked in The Lookout," Chase answered. All of the pup's eyes widened.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" they all shouted in surprise.

"If The Lookout doors won't work, how will Ryder get inside?" Skye asked in concern.

"Easy. I'll just use my screwdriver from my pup uniform to let Ryder in. Be right back!" Rocky explained as he went to the elevator. Unfortunately, when he stood on the elevator's pad it didn't move.

"Ah, could I get some more paws here? Please?" Rocky said before the other pups joined him on the elevator pad. Of course, since Marshall usually got in last, he accidently slipped and crashed into the other pups.

"Sorry pups," Marshall said as the others laughed. The pups waited for the elevator to go up, but after a minute of waiting, nothing happened.

"That's weird. The elevator always goes up!" Chase exclaimed. Suddenly, he realized something.

"Wait a minute, if there's no electricity here at The Lookout, and no electricity means the doors won't open, and no talking with Ryder, than that means... Oh man!" Chase exclaimed, hitting his forehead with his paw.

"What is it, Chase?" Rubble asked curiously.

"Pups, if there's no electricity in The Lookout, that means that not only can we not open the doors or talk with Ryder on the TV screen, it also means that the elevator won't work!" Chase explained. Now the pups got concerned.

"You mean we can't get our gear?!" Rocky asked in shock.

"No Rocky. We will be able to get our gear, we just have to get it manually. C'mon pups!" Chase replied back. The other pups barked and they all went to get their gear.

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