Chapter 7: The Closet, Coat and Rolled Up

Meanwhile, while Skye, Marshall, and Zuma were dealing with their own problems, Rocky and Rubble were getting into some spooky situations of their own. Rocky was wondering around in the dark, trying to figure out where everybody else had gone.

"Hello? Anybody there?" Rocky called out as he looked around in the dark, but couldn't really see anything. As he walked around however, Rocky accidentally walked into a closet. Suddenly, the doors closed behind him and locked him inside. Rocky kept walking into the closet, until he felt something on the ground on the inside of the closet. Looking down, Rocky saw that it was a coat that had fallen off of a coat rack, and both objects were on the ground inside of the closet.

"Huh?" Rocky said in confusion as he sniffed the objects. Nobody had been wearing the coat, which Rocky thought was odd. Who would put a coat in a closet and not even bother to wear it on a chilly day? It just didn't make any sense! Rocky decided to investigate even more and crawled under the coat to sniff it some more. However, after Rocky did this, he had no idea how to get out from under the coat and got stuck.

"Uh-oh. Help! Help! Get me outta here!" Rocky shouted, pawing at the closet doors. However, since they were locked, Rocky was trapped inside the closet, and he couldn't see anything since he was under the coat.

"Help! Somebody help me!" Rocky yelled as he ran around under the coat, and kept pawing at the door. As he kept crying out for help however, Rocky slowly grew tired and eventually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Rubble was trying to look around in the dark too, but couldn't see anything.

"Hello? Anybody home?" Rubble asked as he blindingly walked around the room. Suddenly, Rubble accidentally walked into the medical room that was inside The Lookout.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Rubble asked nervously. As Rubble kept walking however, he accidentally bumped into the table with medical stuff on it. Suddenly, a toilet paper roll fell down and started unraveling on Rubble!

"Ahhh! Help! Something's got me!" Rubble cried out in surprise, trying to get the toilet paper off of himself. It didn't work, and as Rubble tried to get the toilet paper off, he accidentally kept getting rolled up in it. Within minutes, Rubble was completely covered in toilet paper from his head to his paws.

"Ahhhhhh! Help! I can't get out!" Rubble exclaimed as he struggled. Eventually, Rubble got on his paws and started to run outside of the medical room, unaware of the chaos that was about to unfold.

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