Shawn is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki character created and belongs to BluePupBuddy. His info is below:

Shawn: Shawn is a Border Collie Pup who is a bully from Pup Training Camp; a camp for puppies where he, Marshall and Snowflake went to.

Bio: Shawn is a Border Collie pup. He is mostly white with patches of brown around his right eye, and some parts of his fur. Shawn has black eyes, and dark brown collar.

Personality: While attending Pup Training Camp, Shawn befriended some other pups who were his camping friends. Shawn quickly saw Marshall and Snowflake as targets for bullying since Marshall was always clumsy and silly, while Snowflake was just Marshall's friend. Shawn never understood the idea of any pup wanting to be Marshall's friend since Shawn always saw Marshall as a "Clumsy, weird, and unintelligent pup". Shawn saw bullying as an opportunity to make other pups look bad in order to show that having faults or bad characteristics makes a pup unlikeable.

Likes: Make fun of/bully/tease other pup's lack of characteristics.

Dislikes: Being proven wrong, other pups supporting whoever he is bullying

After the events of Pups and Marshall's Bully: After Shawn got taken away by the police, he had to do help around Adventure Bay to make up for bullying the PAW Patrol. He later on would apologize to the PAW Patrol and find a new home in Adventure Bay.

Family: Shawn has a brother. Shawn and his brother's parents are unknown

Featured in stories: Pups and Marshall's Bully (Currently Story)