Chapter 2: Odd Feelings

Snowflake walked away nervously from Chase and Skye as she went to go get a drink of water from her dog bowl. Snowflake tried to understand what had come over here. She had never felt like that towards Marshall before.

"What has gotten into me? I've only known Marshall for a few months and all of a sudden I go all hearts-and-kibble for him. This is so weird! Maybe I just need some time away from the sun. Yeah, too much sunshine for today!" Snowflake said to herself. After she was satisfied getting some water, Snowflake went inside The Lookout.

"Hi Snowflake, what's new?" Ryder asked as he played a game on his pup pad.

"Oh, nothing much really!" Snowflake replied in a surprisingly nervous and glum way. Ryder noticed this, and went over to her.

"Snowflake, what's wrong? Are you sick?" Ryder asked in concern. Snowflake shook her head 'no'.

"Are you sad about something? Tired maybe?" Ryder asked again.

"No Ryder. I'm just dealing with some emotions that I've never had before. It's so odd," Snowflake replied back.

"What kind of emotions, Snowflake?" Ryder asked in wonder.

"Like the way Chase looks at Skye and he gets all la-de-da puppy eyed. You know what I mean?" Snowflake explained. Ryder nodded.

"Yes Snowflake. I know what you're talking about. I just think you've been touched by the butterfly of love!" Ryder said. Snowflake just gave Ryder a confused look.

"'The butterfly of love'? What's that?" Snowflake asked in confusion.

"It means you have a crush on someone. Have any idea who that could be?" Ryder responded. Snowflake got nervous and murmured something.

"What was that Snowflake? I couldn't hear you," Ryder said.

"IthinkIgotacrunchamarshmellow!" Snowflake replied, but not very clearly.

"Pardon?" Ryder responded.

"IthinkIhavecruchonmarcall!" Snowflake repeated, but in hard-to-understand voice.

"You have a what?" Ryder implied.

"IthinkIhaveachrunchamarshell!" Snowflake said again in a complicated voice. Ryder sighed.

"Never mind. Forget it Snowflake," Ryder said as he turned to walk away. Then, Snowflake let it out.

"I THINK I HAVE A CRUSH ON MARSHALL!!!" Snowflake shouted before gasping and putting her paws over her muzzle. Ryder turned around wide-eyed, and with a look of shock on his face.

"Snowflake. did you just say you have a crush on Marshall?" Ryder said in a surprised tone.

"Yes Ryder. I did," Snowflake replied. Ryder just stared at Snowflake for a few seconds, and then.... Ryder fainted.

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