Chapter 4: Katie's Story

After Snowflake ran away from Ryder and out of The Lookout, she decided to go see Katie. Snowflake was curious about Katie's side of Ryder's story. Plus, Katie might need some help. Snowflake then told the other pups that she would be over at Katie's place, and they understood.

Snowflake then ran over to Katie's pet cleaning store. Once the doors opened, Katie noticed the husky pup.

"Hello Snowflake. How are you?" Katie asked kindly.

"I'm good, thank you. How are you? Do you need any help?" Snowflake replied.

"Well, I just got done giving Callie a bath, and I'm suppose to clean one more pet today, but nobody showed up. Would you like a bath, Snowflake?" Katie explained.

"Sure!" Snowflake replied, her tail wagging back and forth. Within minutes, Snowflake was enjoying a nice warm bath.

"Hey Katie, is it okay if I ask you a question?" Snowflake asked.

"Sure. What is it?" Katie responded.

"How did you and Ryder become friends?" Snowflake asked. Katie smiled.

"Well, it was several years ago. Both Ryder and I were young, and we saw each other at Mr. Porter's café. Ryder had a soda with him, and as I walked towards him, he gave me this look like he was daydreaming. I think he started having a crush on me or something! Anyways, I had to point out to him that he was accidentally spilling his soda on the ground. Ryder realized what I said, blushed and then apologized. We introduced ourselves, then I got a soda, we sat down and talked, found out we both liked animals and helping others, and we've been friends ever since!" Katie explained.

"Wow!" Snowflake replied with awe.

"Yes. That was also the day I got a crush on Ryder. It's never gone away since then!" Katie added.

"That's so sweet! Thank you for telling me, Katie!" Snowflake replied.

"You're welcome. But don't tell Ryder about my crush on him!" Katie said.

"I promise, Katie. You're secret is safe with me!" Snowflake replied.

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