Chapter 6: A Chilly Night

After Marshall and Snowflake joined the other pups, they were asked about the ghost. Marshall and Snowflake explained everything and the other pups understood. Soon, Ryder came back to The Lookout. After several minutes of playing, they all had dinner, and then hung out. Ryder turned on the TV to check the weather.

"Wow. It looks like tonight's going to be cold. We better make sure we got everything to stay warm," Ryder suggested as he went to check on what they had. After a while, Ryder found a bunch of blankets, bed sheets, coats and jackets for everyone. After the pups and Ryder got all nice and warm with the bedding and coats wrapped around them, they all enjoyed watching Apollo the Super Pup as well as checking the Weather Channel. Soon, it was time for bed.

"Okay pups, it's bedtime!" Ryder said as the pups also noticed the time and went to their bean bags to sleep on.

"Goodnight pups," Ryder said before leaving to go to bed himself.

"Goodnight Ryder," the pups replied. Soon, the pups all fell asleep, and were dreaming about pup treats, toys, and missions. However, as the night got colder, Marshall was shivering. He put more blankets on his body to help get warm, and snuggled with his teddy bear, but he was still cold. Marshall then got up and walked over to Snowflake.

"Snowflake? Snowflake?" Marshall whispered until the husky woke up.

"Yes?" Snowflake answered in a sleepy voice.

"May I please sleep with you? You know, to stay warm? Nothing I've done has worked," Marshall explained. Snowflake nodded, and let Marshall get under the covers. 'Now I can get some sleep again,' Snowflake thought to herself. Suddenly, just as she closed her eyes, she hear something.

"Caaaaaaaaaa... Shhhh ... Caaaaaaaaaa!" snored Rubble as he slept peacefully with his sleeping-mask on.

'Really, Rubble?!' Snowflake thought, getting slightly annoyed by the pit bull's snoring. Snowflake then tried to get back to sleep. Eventually, Snowflake was able to get back to sleep, but Rubble's snoring kept making her dream of a vacuum cleaner that would keep going past her every ten minutes. It was annoying!

Suddenly, her dream changed, and she was playing with Marshall while the other pups played somewhere else or were helping out. As she played with Marshall however, she found his clumsy accidents to be cute and funny. In fact, just being around Marshall made Snowflake feel happy. The two pups were about to chew on a bone when Snowflake realized what was happening to her emotions.

Snowflake suddenly jolted awake upon realizing what her dream was about. This now got her concerned.

"Oh no. I'm even starting to dream these feelings!" Snowflake said to herself. She knew that she had to tell Ryder, but she didn't want to wake him up. What was she going to do?

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