Chapter 9: Asking a Friend

The next day, Snowflake waited until the other pups were outside so she could talk to Ryder alone. She then went up the elevator, got out of the elevator and looked around for Ryder. Soon, she found him playing with his Pup Pad on a bean bag chair.

"Ryder, I need to talk to you!" Snowflake said, running over to the boy.

"What's wrong Snowflake?" Ryder asked the husky pup, looking away from his Pup Pad. Snowflake sighed.

"I had a dream about Marshall last night. I think my feelings for him are getting worse," Snowflake replied.

"Okay. Tell me if you have that dream again. Anything else new?" Ryder replied.

"Well, Marshall was sleepwalking under his bed sheets again, and we thought he was a ghost. Other than that, nothing much is new," Snowflake responded. Ryder then got up from the Bean bag that he was sitting on, walked over to Snowflake, and pet her.

"I just wish I knew what to do about this crush on Marshall. I really need some more help. I've been listening to you Ryder, but, the feelings keep coming!" Snowflake explained.

"Try talking to Chase. Chase and Marshall are best friends. Maybe he can give you some advice," Ryder suggested.

"Okay, I'll try talking to Chase. Thank you Ryder," Snowflake said before smiling, letting Ryder pet her some more, and then running to the elevator to go find Chase.