Chapter 1: Picture Book

*I only own the ideas for the story, plus the OC characters Snowflake, Ned, Brian, and Melony. PAW Patrol belongs to Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, SpinMasters, ect. PAW Patrol All Rights Reserved.*

It was a nice day in Adventure Bay and everyone was having a good time. Well that's what everyone wanted. It was actually raining, so the pups and Ryder were stuck inside The Lookout doing other activities. Most of the pups were watching TV or sharing stories, but Snowflake was doing something different. She was looking at a picture book while lying on a bean bag. The picture book had many pictures of when she had lived in her old town before coming to Adventure Bay.

There were pictures of her with her siblings, pictures of some of the stores and her playing in the park. But what really stood out was the pictures of her with her old owner. An old man with glasses and brown hair wearing a coat smiled in the pictures. Snowflake whined. She knew that her old owner had to leave her for health reasons, but how was he now? Snowflake didn't know.

"Hi Snowflake. What are you doing?" Marshall asked as he walked up to her. Snowflake turned and saw Marshall coming towards her. Snowflake felt herself nervous, but relaxed at the same time seeing her best friend wanting to spend time with her. 'Dog biscuits! Why oh why does Marshall always make me feel like I'm in the hot tub of love?!' Snowflake thought to herself.

"I'm just looking at pictures. These pictures are from before I came to Adventure Bay," Snowflake said to Marshall before looking back at the pictures. Marshall looked at the pictures to and asked Snowflake questions about the pictures which she answered. Soon, the other pups were playing Pup Pup Boogie, and both Marshall and Snowflake decided to join them. Snowflake put her picture book away before getting up. But as she took a few steps, she suddenly felt a sharp, bothersome pain in her chest.

"Ow!" Snowflake cried out. Luckily none of the other pups noticed her cry or her touching her chest with her paw.

"What was that? And why do I get the feeling something wrong is going to happen?" Snowflake asked herself. Sadly, she didn't know the answer. So she went to go dance with the others.