Summary: While working at Farmer Yumi's barn, Rubble asks Chase how Skye became a member of the PAW Patrol. Chase smiles and decides to tell Rubble all about it. This is a Fan-Made story.

Chapter 1: Chase's Tale

  • This story was suggested by ClockwerkSamuri12. I own only the ideas for the story. "PAW Patrol" belongs to Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. All Rights Reserved.*

The PAW Patrol was busy helping Farmer Yumi with getting her food out of the garden. While Rubble was finishing up getting some carrots to the barn, he noticed Skye doing some flips. This made Rubble think, and after he put the carrots away, he went to go find Chase.

"Hey Chase, can I ask you something?" Rubble asked the German Shepard.

"Sure Rubble. What is it?" Chase replied back.

"How did Skye join the PAW Patrol? I was the last pup who joined, and Skye is the only girl pup, so she must have joined at some point!" Rubble explained. Chase smiled and then began his story.

"Well, it was months ago. Ryder, Rocky and I were helping Captain Turbot out with fixing a bell near the lighthouse, and Marshall and Zuma were getting treats for everyone at Mr. Porter's store..." began Chase.

(Flashback to Captain Turbot's lighthouse):

"Thanks again for helping me fix the bell for the dock, Ryder, Chase, and Rocky! Without it, I wouldn't be able to alert approaching ships!" Captain Turbot said.

"No problem, Captain Turbot. Whenever you need us, just yelp for help!" Ryder replied. Suddenly, Ryder's pup pad buzzed. It was a call from Marshall.

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