Chapter 12: Breakfast and Helicopter Emergency

Once Ryder's covers were back on his bed, he, Rocky and Marshall all went down the elevator and joined the other pups for Breakfast. After Breakfast was over, Ryder decided to get started with fixing Skye's helicopter. However, they needed to get it to The Lookout first. That called for an emergency.

"PAW Patrol, to The Lookout!" Ryder exclaimed.

"Ah, Ryder, we are already at The Lookout," Marshall said.

"I know, Marshall. However, we're going to need everyone with their gear in case something goes wrong. Pups, go get your gear," Ryder replied as he waited for the pups to get ready. Once they were all set and ready, they stood in front of Ryder in their positions.

"Ready for action, Ryder sir!" Chase exclaimed.

"Pups, as you know from yesterday's rescue, Skye's helicopter got damaged. We need to get it out of the woods and to The Lookout so we can start to fix it," Ryder explained before running his finger across his Pup Pad.

"Chase, we'll need your wentch to pull Skye's helicopter back to The Lookout," Ryder told the German Shepard.

"Chase is on the case!" Chose said, using his catchphrase. Ryder then ran his finger across his Pup Pad again until it got to Rocky's symbol.

"Rocky, I'll need you to find something we can use to put Skye's helicopter on. Her helicopter is mostly made of metal, and we want to make sure it's going to be safe for transporting before repairing it," Ryder explained.

"Green means go!" Rocky replied. Ryder ran his finger again across his Pup Pad until he got to Rubble's symbol.

"Lastly, Rubble. I need you to use your bulldozer to lift Skye's helicopter so we can transfer it from the woods to The Lookout," Ryder said.

"Rubble on the double!" Rubble replied using his catchphrase.

"All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!" Ryder exclaimed as he and the three pups got to their vehicles and then drove off to the forest.

When they got to Skye's helicopter, they could see how badly damaged it was. They then started looking and collecting any parts of the helicopter that may have been scattered. Once they got everything collected, it was time to get to work.

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