Chapter 13: Transferring and Loading

"Great, now that all of Skye's helicopter is gathered up, we need to bring it back to The Lookout for repairing. Rocky, see if you have anything that we can use to transfer Skye's helicopter," Ryder said calmly.

"Okay Ryder. Don't loose it, reuse it!" Rocky replied using one of his catchphrases. Rocky then went to his recycling truck and looked around. The pup kept flinging objects out of his truck, while looking for something big.

"Inner tube ... No. Stuffed animal ... No. Old metal pole ...No. Plastic cooler for drinks ... No. Yes! Found it!" Rocky said as he pulled out two objects. One object was a really big blanket, and the other object was a very big wooden wagon with wheels on it.

"We can use one of Mr. Porter's old wooden wagons to carry Skye's helicopter and use this big blanket to keep the helicopter dry and safe," Rocky explained after he got the objects out.

"Great idea, Rocky. Rubble, lift Skye's helicopter onto the wagon. Hopefully it should be okay," Ryder said.

"Okay! Rubble on the double!" Rubble replied as he carefully used his bulldozer to lift Skye's helicopter into the big, wooden wagon. Luckily for them, it fit.

"Nice job, Rubble. Chase, use your wentch to attach the wagon to your police truck. That way, we can get Skye's helicopter back to The Lookout," Ryder instructed.

"You got it, Ryder. Chase is on the case!" Chase replied gladly.

"Ruff! Open wench!" Chase commanded until the metal hook was revealed. Chase grabbed the side of the metal hook with his mouth, and ran over to the wagon to attach it.

"Hook secured! Now for the blanket!" Chase said going to get the blanket from Rocky. Ryder, Chase, Rocky and Rubble all grabbed the big, blanket and helped cover Skye's helicopter with it. They also made sure the blanket was secured, so it wouldn't blow away or fall off.

"I think we're ready, Ryder!" Chase said double checking their progress.

"Great work, pups. Okay, Chase and I will lead the way back to The Lookout. Rubble and Rocky, you two ride behind us and let us know how Skye's helicopter is doing," Ryder told the pups. The three pups agreed. They all got into their vehicles and drove back to The Lookout.

Ryder and the other pups got back to The Lookout with no problems. Once Chase retrieved his wench, Skye, Marshall and Zuma came running over.

"Ryder! You got my helicopter! Thank you! How bad is it?" Skye asked nervously.

"I think we'll be able to fix it. We just to be patient, and make sure it will work. But, before we do anything, let's take a look first!" Ryder replied reassuringly.

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