Chapter 14: Helping Chase and Fixing

After Ryder answered Skye, he turned to Chase.

"Chase, after I untie the blanket, can you pull it off so we can start fixing Skye's helicopter?" Ryder asked the German Shepard.

"Sure thing, Ryder! Chase is on the case!" Chase replied back. Ryder then went to Skye's helicopter and started to get the big blanket untied. Once that was all done, it was time to get the blanket off of Skye's helicopter.

"Okay Chase! You can pull the blanket off now!" Ryder said calmly.

"Okay, Ryder!" Chase replied before grabbing the blanket with his teeth. Chase pulled the blanket towards him, but as he did, the blanket got caught in the broken propeller.

"Grrrrr! Almost got it!" Chase said through gritted teeth. Chase shook his head back and forth as well as up and down, hoping the blanket would come off. Eventually, as Chase pulled on the blanket, it slipped off the helicopter, flew backwards, and landed right on top of Chase!

"Yes! ... Uh oh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Help! Ryder help! Get this thing off of me!" Chase cried out in surprise as he struggled under the blanket.

"Chase!" Ryder said as he ran over to help the police pup. Unfortunately, since the blanket was so big, it was hard for Ryder to get Chase out. The other pups saw this and ran over to help! Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rocky, and Rubble all ran over and grabbed the blanket with their mouths. However, while Chase ran around under the blanket looking like a ghost, everyone tried to either flip the blanket off, or give Chase an opening to escape.

"Help! Help! Get me outta here!" Chase screamed, still under the blanket.

"Don't worry, Chase! We'll you outta there, buddy!" Marshall responded, the blanket still in his mouth.

Soon, the group was able to lift the blanket, and when Chase saw an opening, he ran and got out of he blanket! Chase panted as Ryder and the other pups dropped the blanket, and went over to him.

"Chase, are you alright buddy?" Marshall asked, concerned for Chase's safety.

"I'm okay, Marshall. I just didn't like being stuck under there; I couldn't see anything!" Chase responded.

Once Chase was okay, Rubble got Skye's helicopter off the big wagon with his bulldozer. After looking at what was broken, Ryder knew they could fix the helicopter. Luckily, Ryder had some spare parts of the helicopter in case something like this had happened. The PAW Patrol worked all day, as well as the next two days to get Skye's helicopter fixed. Skye was really happy that her helicopter got fixed, and it looked just like it did before the accident. Now, it was time to fly it, and give it a try.

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