Chapter 15: Helicopter Flight and Good Pups

"Okay Skye, are you ready to give your helicopter a try?" Ryder asked Skye. "I sure am, Ryder! This pup's gotta fly!!! ... I hope," Skye replied, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Skye took some deep breaths before starting her helicopter. She slowly went up and went nice and easy. Skye started off with the basic moves and tried out harder maneuvers as she got used to the feeling of being in control of her helicopter. Eventually, Skye repeated some moves and even did some loop-de-loops. Overall, her helicopter worked, and Skye was really happy.

After coming in for a landing, Skye turned off her helicopter, jumped out and ran over to Ryder.

"It worked Ryder! It worked! Thank so much for fixing my helicopter! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Skye said enthusiastically, giving Ryder a hug.

"You're welcome Skye!" Ryder replied, hugging Skye back. Once they seperated from the hug, all of the other pups went over to Skye and told her how happy they were for her having her helicopter back.

"Hey Ryder, since my helicopter is fixed now, can we go play?" Skye asked kindly.

"Well your helicopter did get fixed, and since everyone helped out, you pups are no longer punished. You all did a great job these last few days. Of course you can go play! What a bunch of good pups!" Ryder replied. The pups thanked Ryder and ran off to go play.