Chapter 5: Water Rescue and Back at The Lookout

"Ryder, let's safe Rocky first! I'll meet you on the beach!" Marshall said loudly so Ryder could hear him.

"Okay, Marshall! I'm going to go find Rocky!" Ryder replied before driving off the bridge and heading towards the water.

"Lifejacket deploy!" Ryder said, touching his Pup Pad and letting the lifejacket on his shirt expand. Ryder's ATV automatically transformed into a hovercraft, and soon, Ryder was riding on the water.

As Ryder headed towards the bridge however, lightning struck in the sky, lighting up the areas around the bridge. Ryder saw for a second a glimpse of a gray pup hanging onto a rock near the bridge, struggling to stay on.

"Rocky! Hang on! I'm on my way!" Ryder shouted getting closer to the pup, while being careful at the same time. Eventually, Ryder was able to get to Rocky, and grabbed him off the rock. As Ryder headed towards the beach, Rocky held on tight until they landed on the sand. Rocky jumped on of Ryder's hovercraft, and ran over to Marshall.

"Rocky!" Marshall said with relief as he hugged the already soaked pup.

"Marshall!" Rocky cried out as he hugged back, whining. Once Ryder got his ATV set up again, he ran over to the two pups. Marshall and Rocky separated from the hug, and then Rocky hugged Ryder.

"Thank you, Ryder! I was so scared!" Rocky said, whining and wagging his tail at the same time.

"You're welcome, Rocky. Marshall, head over to the woods and try rescuing the other pups. I'll join you once I get Rocky back to The Lookout!" Ryder told Marshall as he continued hugging Rocky.

"I'm fired up, Ryder!" Marshall replied, before driving away in his fire truck.

Ryder then took Rocky in his ATV and drove them to The Lookout. Once they were inside The Lookout, Ryder gave Rocky a towel to dry off with, and then started heading back to his vehicle.

"Rocky, stay here while Marshall and I go rescue the other pups," Ryder instructed.

"Yes Ryder," Rocky replied as he started drying himself off with the towel.

"Oh, and Rocky, when we get back, you owe Skye and Rubble an apology for getting them into this mess, as well as the rest of us! When that's done, we're going to have a talk about honesty!" Ryder added.

"I understand Ryder," Rocky said, his ears dropping down as the pup gave Ryder a guilty face expression. Rocky knew that he was in trouble.

"We'll talk again after the rescue. Stay dry!" Ryder replied as he got on his ATV and drove away.

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