Chapter 8: Punishment, Bonding and Understanding

Ryder looked at Rocky in disappointment.

"Rocky, I am the most disappointed in you. What were you thinking?! Why didn't you tell me you were in danger? I could have had the PAW Patrol help you," Ryder said angrily.

"I'm sorry Ryder. I only told Rubble because I didn't want the PAW Patrol to be rushed into an emergency because of me. I didn't think my plan would backfire... Or that the storm was going too get here so fast! I'm really sorry, Ryder. I just didn't want to be a burden," Rocky explained with tears in his eyes. When Rocky had said 'burden' that surprised Ryder. Ryder thought and quickly understood what Rock was talking about. Ryder knelt down and looked at the pup.

"Rocky, you aren't a burden. You're a member of the PAW Patrol, and we'd do anything to help you. No matter how big or small the emergency is, the PAW Patrol will always help out. I understand you tried to handle the situation on your own, and I'm glad you that you were willing to get help from the others, but sometimes it's best to get help as a team, instead of on your own, or with the help of only a few friends. Do you understand, Rocky?" Ryder said.

"I understand, Ryder. Am I still in trouble?" Rocky replied.

"Sadly, yes. You had good intentions, but getting the pups to help out on their own wasn't the best option. For your punishment, you can't watch 'Apollo the Superdog' for a week, you have to help fix Skye's helicopter, and I also want you to help clean up the beach when it's needed. Do you understand, Rocky?" Ryder explained.

"Yes, Ryder. I understand. I'm really sorry," Rocky replied, upset that he had gotten everyone in trouble.

"I forgive you, Rocky. Just don't forget that we're a team, and we always look out for each other," Ryder replied giving Rocky a hug. Rocky returned the hug, feeling a lot better that Ryder understood. Once they separated from the hug, Ryder and Rocky went down the elevator to go talk to the other pups.

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