Chapter 9: Apologies and Dreams Once Ryder and Rocky came back down from the elevator, they walked over to the other pups.

"I'm sorry for lying to you Marshall," Rubble said sadly looking at the Dalmatian.

"I forgive you, Rubble. Just please be honest with me from now on," Marshall replied, giving Rubble a hug.

"I owe you all an apology too. Chase and Zuma, I'm sorry you got caught in the fire when you were going to rescue Skye. Skye, I'm sorry for telling Rubble to tell you to go find Chose and Zuma and telling them to rescue me. I shouldn't have gotten you involved. Marshall, I'm sorry for making Rubble lie to you and Ryder. I should have told him to tell the truth. Rubble, I'm really sorry for telling you to lie and eventually getting everyone in danger. I'll never do that again! I'm really sorry everyone," Rocky apologized.

All of the pups understood, and told Rocky that they had accepted his apology, and hugged. Once they stopped hugging, Ryder told them it was time for bed. Everyone agreed, and went to bed. However, as the night passed, two of the pups were having nightmares.

Rocky twisted and turned as he was dreaming about the rescue, and Marshall was doing the same thing. However, he was dreaming about rescuing Skye. Nevertheless, in their dreams, the rescue wasn't going very good.

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