Once in Every Snowflake

Chapter 1: The Winter Festival

  • This is a PAW Patrol story. I only own the story ideas and my OC husky Snowflake. "PAW Patrol" belongs to Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. All Rights Reserved.*

It was a chilly day in Adventure Bay as Ryder and the pups hung out in The Lookout, while the sun set on the soft, white snow that covered the ground like a blanket. It was December, which meant that the pups and Ryder were excited for Christmas. However, it was still two weeks before Christmas would arrive. Tonight was special, but for a different reason; tonight was Adventure Bay's first ever Winter Festival. The Winter Festival was a time to hang out with family and friends, and to donate stuff to those less fortunate. Luckily, Ryder had told the pups about the event weeks ago, and they all had time to try and find something that they wanted to give away. Ryder looked at the clock, and told the pups that they would be leaving for the Festival in several minutes. The pups nodded and went to get their gifts. The pups had wrapped their gifts in boxes, so they looked more like Christmas presents. Chase was giving away an old blanket that he had kept; Rocky was giving away an inner tube; Rubble was giving away a screwdriver, Zuma was giving away a lifejacket, Skye was giving way some pink goggles; and Marshall was giving away a toy fire truck. Once the pups and Ryder got their gifts ready, it was time to go to the Festival. However, just as they were about to leave, Marshall put his present in his fire truck, and then went over to Ryder. "Hey Ryder, can we pick up my stuffed teddy bear while we're at the Festival? It's with our pup blankets down at the laundry mate," Marshall asked curiously. "Sure Marshall. After we park our vehicles, I'll go get the blankets and your teddy bear," Ryder replied. After that, Marshall went to his fire truck, and once the pups got the thumbs up from Ryder, they all headed to City Hall for the Winter Festival. Hopefully, they wouldn't have any problems.

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