Chapter 2: World Records

Back at The Lookout, Rubble and Zuma where getting dried off, and after several minutes of lying in the sun, they were completely dry.

"I wonder if Chase and Ryder found anything at the book sale!" Rocky said curiously. All of the other pups were thinking the same thing... That is, until Ryderr and Chase came walking up to them. The five pups got excited, and ran over to them.

"Ryder! Chase! What did you guys get?!" Rubble asked, his tongue hanging from his mouth.

"Chase found a World Record book. You pups can look at it if you want!" Ryder replied as everyone headed inside The Lookout.

Throughout the afternoon, the pups looked at a bunch of World Records, and decided to try and beat some of them. That's when Marshall thought of something.

"Hey Ryder! Have you ever tried to set a World Record before?" Marshall asked in wonder. Ryder sighed, and then shook his head.

"Sadly, no. I wanted to try and break a record, but I was always so busy taking care of you pups, and learning about what to do during missions, that I never got to do one!" Ryder replied. All the pups felt sorry for Ryder when they heard this. They ran over to him, and licked him while wagging their tails.

"That's okay, Ryder. We still love you! I'm sorry I brought it up," Marshall apologized.

"No problem, Marshall. I understand," Ryder replied as he scratched the Dalmatian's head.

After going back to the book and looking at their World Records again, the pups decided that they needed to get prepared for their own individual tasks.

Ryder watched as the pups looked up information about their own Records. Needless to say, it didn't make the pups too worried. As long as they tried their best, that's all that mattered! As the day went by, the pups got ready for when they would begin their attempts at the World Records the next day.

Eventually, they all got tired, and went to bed.

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