Chapter 3: Beginning the Records

The next morning the pups had breakfast and then looked at the World Records book. After making sure that they all agreed on what World Record they wanted to beat, the pups got started. To make things easier, the pups split up into groups of two, except for Rubble and Rocky. Skye decided to team up with Zuma, and Marshall teamed up with Chase.

As Ryder walked around, he was curious about what World Records the pups picked. Suddenly, Ryder heard noise coming from Rocky's rig. Ryder walked over to see what he was up to.

"Hi Rocky. What are you doing?" Ryder asked.

"I'm trying to break the World Record for the most recycled objects!" Rocky replied happily. Ryder nodded, understanding. Then, Ryder saw Rubble... Walking backwards? With a smile on his face, Ryder walked over to the pup.

"Hi Rubble. What World Record are you trying to break?" Ryder asked curiously.

"I'm trying to break the World Record for walking backwards!" Rubble replied, still going backwards. Ryder then looked around, and saw Skye and Zuma. He walked over to them calmly.

"Hello Skye and Zuma. What World Records are you two trying to beat?" Ryder asked.

"I'm trying to break the World Record for the longest conversation!' Skye said cheerfully.

"Yeah, and I'm trying to break the World Record for the longest time without blinking. Also known as the world Record's longest staring contest!" Zuma answered, his eyes big and focused on Skye.

"Interesting. I'll see you two later," Ryder responded before walking away. Soon, Ryder saw Chase and Marshall hugging near The Lookout. Ryder wondered if they were trying to break a record, or if something was wrong. Ryder decided to see what was going on.

"Hi Chase and Marshall. Is something wrong?" Ryder asked the two pups.

"No Ryder, sir! Marshall and I decided to team up to try and beat the World Record for the World's longest hug!" Chase explained.

"Okay. But, what if you stop hugging?" Ryder asked, curious if hugging was their only record to beat.

"We thought of backup records in case that happened. My backup record is the World Record for chewing on a bone!" Chase replied.

"I thought of one too! In case the hugging record doesn't work out, my backup record is the World Record for the longest time without falling asleep!" Marshall added.

"Okay then. Just be careful!" Ryder replied before leaving the two hugging buddies alone.

"We will, Ryder sir!" Chase responded back.

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