Chapter 8: Keep Trying

After Breakfast, the pups all re-started their attempts at breaking their World Records. However, since Chase and Marshall had stopped hugging, they decided to go with their backup World Records. Chase would chew on a bone, and Marshall would try to stay awake without falling asleep... Easier said than done, considering not even he could stay awake all night. He needed a strategy.

Looking over at Skye and Zuma, Marshall decided to ask for advice.

"Hi Skye. Hi Zuma. My new World Record is trying to stay awake without falling asleep. Do either of you have any suggestions for how I can stay awake?" Marshall asked politely.

"Well, you could shine a flashlight in your face, put your head in cold water, sing a song quietly, run around, chase your tail, a whole bunch of stuff!" Skye suggested.

"You can stay up with me, Marshall. If I'm going to break the World Record for staring without blinking, I could use some company," Zuma suggested, looking at Marshall while he talked.

"Okay. Thank you Skye and Zuma," Marshall replied before going to hang out with Chase.

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